80’s: Lucky and Delicate Girl


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764 Chapters · 22 Readers
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[Era + Group Pet + Shuangwen + Double Life] Once reborn, Yunzheng became the charming daughter of the Qin family’s fortune against the sky. The standard that this family pursues towards her is: pet, give me a life pet! Yunzheng said that although he has golden fingers and is good at every skill, he doesn’t have to do it in person when he slaps the face. What? One brother is not enough? And two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… The pampered Yun Zheng felt that it was not too beautiful to lie down and win life, but it would be better if there was not that little milk dog in wolf’s fur behind her to hug her. In the last life, Huo Bei encountered paranoia and became a demon, and he used all means to provoke him with fear. In this life, his EQ is on the line, lowering his body, putting him in the dust, putting him on the top of his heart, and treating him as a queen: marry me, I would like to be you The only minister, the heart is given to you, and the life is also given to you! A group of brothers: dream! My sister refuses! We give you nine lives! Huo Beiyu: … [This is a story that I failed to make you fall in love with me in my last life, and I will try my best to pursue you in this life]


  • 80’s: Lucky and Delicate Girl
  • 八零福运娇娇女
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