I Don’t Want to Be a General, I Choose Buddhism


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834 Chapters · 7 Readers
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“Hello everyone, now I am going to interview Lieutenant Admiral Tefimo Yarn…” Open the door and wake up the sleepy Tefimo Yarn lying on the balcony. “Hello, Lieutenant General Ion, what is your life pursuit?” “I haven’t been in good health since I was young, so I have always wanted to find someone who can protect my significant other. In fact, there are only ten very simple requirements. The first point…” “Ah uh haha, that… Lieutenant General Ion is really humorous, and I have another question I want to ask Lieutenant General Ion, what of the following things will make you feel happy? A: Being promoted to general…” Ion interrupted almost instinctively. “Choose B, B, B, B…”


  • I Don’t Want to Be a General, I Choose Buddhism
  • 不想当大将的我选择佛系
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