Dimensional inventory, tribute to brilliant people


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527 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Ai Xia La

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Aisha travels through parallel time and space and uses the 'dimensional editing system' to create videos, allowing famous characters from countless dimensional worlds to become her audience Hence the following famous scene: Top 10: Unyielding justice - the creed of the undocumented knights Top 9: This is the farewell battle with the gods - Uruk will remain here forever! ... Top 2: Use the spiral of obsession to penetrate the road to tomorrow - Tianyuan breakthrough! Top 1: To the brilliant person - Shining Tiga! "Brother who rides a bicycle, come on!!!" Listening to the praise and encouragement that came into his ears, the unlicensed knight scratched his head in embarrassment. "The king allows it, the king admits it, the king carries the world on his back!" Gilgamesh showed a confident "smile". "My drill bit is a drill bit that breaks through the sky!!!" Simon shouted with enthusiasm. "I understand... In fact, everyone can become light!" Dagu tightened his grip on the divine light stick in his hand. On that day, all the viewers waiting in front of the screen turned into light.


TitleDimensional inventory, tribute to brilliant people
Raw Title次元盘点,致以辉煌的人(全本)
Addition DateOctober 6, 2023
AuthorAi Xia La
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TagsMale Protagonist,Parallel Worlds,System