I’m Still Too Weak For the Starter SSS Talent开局SSS天赋的我还是太弱

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187 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Chen Tang Zhen Yue

Novel Summary

Upon waking up, the global human race collectively crossed into a barbaric and primitive world. Here, there are no tall buildings, no civilization and technology, and even food and resources are extremely lacking. There are still indescribable monsters hidden in the darkness. Crisis is everywhere, food is in short supply, people’s hearts are plunged into endless darkness, and countless people are fighting for a bite of food. Fortunately, Tang Zheng has awakened the SSS-level talent, and everything is synthesized! Therefore, when others were shivering with hunger and cold, Tang Zheng had already synthesized the four-piece set of necessary wasteland reclamation! When others finally built the tree house, Tang Zheng was already lying flat in the beautiful two-story small western-style building. When others were besieged by a strange animal and desperate, Tang Zheng carried the RPG Ultimate Burst that he had synthesized and pulled the trigger. Looking at the monster army that was instantly annihilated, Tang Zheng sighed helplessly. “Is it just that lethal? It seems that even if I get an SSS-level talent, I’m still too weak.” “It’s going to come on.”


TitleI’m Still Too Weak For the Starter SSS Talent
Raw Title开局SSS天赋的我还是太弱
Addition DateMay 2, 2023
AuthorChen Tang Zhen Yue
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TagsBeast Companions,Cheats,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities,Survival,Survival Game