Please Do Not Disturb My Cultivation


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676 Chapters · 13 Readers
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“It’s fast, it’s fast, I’ll be able to cultivate immortals right away!” After successfully traversing, it is still the physical world. Desperate Lin Wen found an opportunity to be reincarnated and cultivated in the desperate situation. In order to be perfectly reincarnated as an immortal, he was forced to accumulate good karma in the mortal world. But his Dao heart has never been dusty. He walked straight with his sword and swept away evil spirits. He tore open the shackles and pushed them to the mountains. No one understood him, but he never needed to. “A fool.” Someone scorned. “A saint.” Someone praised. Lin Wen didn’t care, he stood on a towering high-rise building and looked at the world. Poetry as proof: My Dao has never been right or wrong, and everything in the world is ashes. In a cup of turbid wine in the spring breeze, who knows the power of the universe and Taiji.

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  • Please Do Not Disturb My Cultivation
  • 请不要打扰我修仙
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