You guys really know how to play in the second dimension


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698 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Tang Hao: "Friend, have you ever heard of a two-dimensional chat room?" Passerby A: "I've never heard of it. What are you doing? Are there any benefits if I join?" Tang Hao: "Of course, everyone inside is a talented person, and they speak well. You can also enjoy various talent performances, such as the devil girl fighting against the tentacle monster, the collision between the Pharaoh's tomb, the super electromagnetic gun against the colorful cannon, and the star... Explosive Abandonment Healing Slash VS Three Thousand Worlds, and the two youngest purple old... beautiful girls in our group have decided to officially debut and become idols." "In addition, if you like to travel, you can take our regular Celtic Airline flight from Wenzhou to Canada every Monday, and you can also watch the large-scale episodic TV series "Hahaha" for free. How about it, right? A little excited?" "...Can I call for help?" "It's too late, everything is Steins;Gate's choice!"


  • You guys really know how to play in the second dimension
  • 你们二次元真会玩
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