This heavenly master is not serious


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485 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Bu Li Bao Zi

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"Mr. Xu, are you really a heavenly master?" "If it's fake, it's more real than gold!" "I heard that your reputation in the spooky circle is very bad. One spook even called the police to say that you were threatening him?" "impossible!" "not me!" "Don't talk nonsense!" Xu Yang clenched the thousand-year-old peach wood sword in his hand and said, "What is that sly one calling? Do you dare to let him confront me face to face?" (PS: This book is also known as: "This Heavenly Master is Too Cruel" and "Become Stronger by Being Scared".)


TitleThis heavenly master is not serious
Raw Title这个天师不正经
Addition DateOctober 3, 2023
AuthorBu Li Bao Zi
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TagsBlack Belly,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities