The heroine of Quick Wear, she can do anything


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507 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Tao Ran, who had the honor to join the Space-Time Management Bureau, thought he could finally live a leisurely life of drinking tea, reading newspapers and sunbathing in a daze. But who knew that even if we achieved the leap to world level, It’s hard to escape the capitalist-style squeeze from your immediate superiors. She is still a social animal. After working overtime for 1,000 consecutive days, she filed a lawsuit. After drinking, losing her temper, and gaining courage, she successfully deceived her immediate boss, who had a stunning appearance. She opened her arms: Come on, either be subject to me and worship me, or fire me! Anyway, I don’t want to do it anymore! However, there seems to be a flaw in the plan? She is not only a social beast but also a social death. Tao Ran, who doesn't want a romantic partner, has only one option left: to work hard on his career and accumulate enough assets to fire his boss. She rolled up her sleeves and just did it! Going up to the sky and into the earth, in the darkness of the sky, day and night, doing everything myself, traveling through various small worlds... She finally handed over a satisfactory performance report, But why does the evil boss smile brighter than her? Wait, something seems wrong? She seems to have forgotten that her life goal is to "be a salted fish"? Why did she get promoted? Could it be that the routine she had set up was a trap set by the sinister boss early on? No cp, please love...


  • The heroine of Quick Wear, she can do anything
  • 快穿女主她无所不能
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