Exiled on the deserted star, the plants I planted have 100 million points of magic


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210 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Author:San Dui Tu

Novel Summary

[Interstellar+Farming+Academy+Live Broadcast+Shuangjie 1v1] Dressed as a vicious female supporting character, she was retaliated by the male protagonist at the beginning, and her whole family was raided and imprisoned. Ai Moye accidentally fell in love with someone, got a little bun of unknown origin, and was exiled to the wilderness to farm. The Gobi desert is filled with yellow sand and the soil and water are barren, but this cannot stop the ancestral farmer Ai Moye. Is the soil fertile enough? Put on the fertilizer! Can't sand and soil hold water? Plant a shrub! Are fruits and vegetables extinct due to historical reasons? Cross-pollination, gene editing! The single mother rolled up her sleeves with her baby in her arms and had sex in Huang Xing. She became famous on the variety show and became a well-known internet celebrity in Blue Star. Since then, Ai Moye’s live broadcast room has become the most popular among the stars. "Farm silk quilts, the whole process of silkworm raising and cocooning is live broadcast, giving you a trustworthy natural guarantee." "Homemade green aloe vera gel, honey conditioner, lemon whitening cream, without any chemical synthetic agents, giving your skin the most exquisite care." “Spicy beef jerky, spicy and sour boneless chicken feet, spiced seafood gift packs, everything is on sale, only 998, take them all home!” In the interstellar era when food was scarce, Aimoye grew crispy and sweet watermelons, raised fat livestock, and conquered all the great gods with his various cooking skills. One day, the high-ranking imperial marshal, the male protagonist's biological uncle, and the rival of the house raider came to the door and blocked the pregnant Ai Moye. "I heard that you are good at planting and breeding. Are you interested in becoming a national treasure master?" Aimoye asked proudly, "What kind of treatment?" The marshal lowered his noble head and said, "Will I be at your mercy for the rest of my life?" Ai Moye raised the corners of her lips: "It depends on your performance."


TitleExiled on the deserted star, the plants I planted have 100 million points of magic
Raw Title流放荒星,我种的植物有亿点神奇
Addition DateNovember 11, 2023
AuthorSan Dui Tu
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TagsAcademy,Celebrities,Cooking,Farming,Female Protagonist,Outer Space