Wasteland Echoer


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480 Chapters · 23 Readers
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[Fantasy+Cthulhu+Wasteland+Steampunk+Dihua Flow+Group Portrait+Behind the Scenes] In the alternation of wasteland and mystery, nightmares are whispering. Under the blending of dawn and fantasy, fate is calling again. In the year 527 of the New Era, I woke up in the dome and the mist-shrouded Socra! Wasteland, machinery, giant ships, magic dragons, alien beasts, the surviving people of the New Yuan Dynasty crawled and screamed; magic, unintentional people, the lost, the floating divine realm, the crazy humble monsters screamed for their lives. The Paradise of the Fourth Age emerged, and I saw the holy scepter representing darkness and sin. Summoned by the bloody night of the sequential gods, I use my red eyes to dig out the truth of the world. The gods of the wasteland send blessings. The long night in the wilderness welcomes the dawn. This is a game of thrones in the wasteland! (No system, purely original world view, focusing on exploration and adventure. The first volume "Echo" focuses on the world view construction such as power system, myths and legends, historical background, etc., and has been completed. The second volume "Calling" focuses on adventure, combat and revelation, and has been officially Start serializing!)


  • Wasteland Echoer
  • 废土回响者
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