Their Commission Pay is Not Right


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2271 Chapters · 18 Readers
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【Ding! Congratulations on unlocking the EX-level talent – Traveler] Chen Luo has successfully unlocked his talent after completing a thousand small daily tasks. After unlocking talents, you will get rewards for completing missions, including original stones and skill rewards. [Mastery of household appliances], [100% stabbed with bare hands], [100% repayment by the fox]… As more and more commissions are completed, Chen Luo has more and more strange skills. However, the skills are strange and some Chen Luo can still accept it. The most distressing thing for Chen Luo is that some people’s commission rewards are getting more and more wrong… Mebius, do you want me to study with you? Can! But why would the reward be a memory? Gan Yu, do you want me to work overtime with you? No problem, but why is the special reward a seven-seven? Where did you get it? “The entrustment rewards they give are really getting more and more wrong!” Chen Luo complained while teasing the pink-haired fox he picked up.


  • Their Commission Pay is Not Right
  • 她们的委托报酬不对劲(1-559)
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