Myth Invasion: I Kill the Gods on Earth


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1514 Chapters · 38 Readers
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In the year 0001 of the New Calendar, the gods descended and invaded the earth. After 15 years of hard struggle, human civilization finally came to an end! Lin Fan, the patron saint of Daxia, returned to the gods three months before his arrival. In this life, he will lead Daxia and fight against the gods with the strength of the whole country! God of the Ocean, Daxia responded with the Great Wall of Steel! God of the Sky, I, the great cannon of Daxia, point angrily at the sky! God of Winter, I, Daxia, will build an underground furnace! In this life, mortals slaughter gods! At the gate of the country, Lin Fan faced the aloof god and stood angrily with his Shura sword. Behind you, there are huge cannons, the Great Steel Wall, and the majestic Great Xia! "The so-called gods, dare to fight with me, dare to fight with my human race." "How dare you step into my Daxia!" At this moment, the Great Summer in the human world is a forbidden area for gods! I use Shura to kill the gods!


  • Myth Invasion: I Kill the Gods on Earth
  • 神话入侵:我在地球斩神明
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