Mr. Fu Chased His Wife and Overturned Again


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1475 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Xuan Yuan Ru Ge

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Shock! Master Fu is a hot search! ! ! In and out of a woman’s house in the middle of the night, more than once! In an instant, countless celebrities were angry, Lord Fu was hooked up by a commoner woman? She is greedy, powerful and powerful, shameless! After Lu Wanchu was reborn, he wanted to tighten his waistcoat and torture a few scum, except for the closest ones, no one knew that she was the genius doctor who could bring the dead back to life. Are these people smearing and mocking her as a waste and poor ghost? ! Said she is a vase with nothing? The famous doctors scoffed: Have you ever seen waste that is higher than our medical skills? International-class film queen: Miss Lu produced popular film and television dramas, don’t you watch them very well? The rich and powerful people on the Forbes list: They are just jealous of Xiao Lu. Does Xiao Lu still have that health pill? ! Fu Yixing felt a huge crisis with a daughter-in-law who was getting stronger and stronger, and countless people were vying for favor. So, one day everyone discovered that Lord Fu was broadcasting live around the world, confessing to the daughter of the Lu family! ! ! Love rivals who coveted Lu in the beginning: Fu Yixing, you despicable villain! Mr. Fu raised his eyebrows and swore: Lu Wanchu, it is my wife! How could he allow others to take a look at the woman he has coveted for many years!


TitleMr. Fu Chased His Wife and Overturned Again
Raw Title傅大佬追妻又翻车了
Addition DateSeptember 22, 2022
AuthorXuan Yuan Ru Ge
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Fairies,Female Protagonist,Hiding True Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Medical Knowledge,Misunderstandings,Reincarnation,Revenge