Almighty Daughter Was Spoiled By a Big Brother


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595 Chapters · 22 Readers
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[Sweet pets without abuse, strong women’s cool text] Before rebirth, she had low self-esteem and cowardice, her appearance was ruined, and she was bullied by scumbag boys and girls. After traveling through many lives, returning to the first life, she turned her hands into clouds and covered her hands into rain, and scumbed to her knees and begged for mercy. Since then, there has been a legend in the business world, the hacker world, the piano world, and the medical world. It is rumored that President Mo is severely obsessed with cleanliness and is not close to female? Mo Sihan: “My Xiaoyan is weak, don’t bully her.” The social youth who was beaten to the ground by Gu Yan: “…” Mo Sihan: “My Xiaoyan is small, and I don’t understand anything. Don’t laugh at her.” Those from all walks of life who were mistreated by Gu Yan: “…” Mo Sihan: “My Xiaoyan is not like a man, don’t pursue her.” Gu Yan pressed a kiss on his lips: “Are you…sure?” [The male protagonist comes with the attributes of a bitch, not torturing, not torturing!]


  • Almighty Daughter Was Spoiled By a Big Brother
  • 全能千金被大佬宠娇了
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