Matriarch is Pretty and Cool


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1577 Chapters · 12 Readers
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After Bai Chuwei lived for five thousand years, after abruptly living himself as the ancestor of all mankind, he went down the mountain to start the original plot. A new female student from Henghua No. 1 Middle School transferred to a female classmate. The girl had bright eyes and white teeth, red lips and white teeth, and she looked like a fairy. It’s a pity that it’s a secondary disease—— “The total of the ten Duan families is not more than half of the assets I have accumulated for five thousand years.” “The first of Chinese classics? That was what I wrote and played casually two hundred years ago.” “Scientific research is not as good as a sword flying immortal. Today, my ancestors teach you how to cultivate immortals scientifically.” Netizens sneered while eating melons, waiting for Bai Chuwei to pretend to be forced to overturn the car. Until later, the China Property Statistics Association: “As the world’s richest man, the ancestors have the world’s most gold mines, hundreds of islands, and countless industries.” Huaguo Writers Association: “Bai Chuwei, when will the ancestors be updated in two hundred years?”


  • Matriarch is Pretty and Cool
  • 老祖宗她又美又飒
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