Douluo: My apprentice is the pope


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300 Chapters · 17 Readers
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After crossing to the initial form of Douluo Continent, Yang Zian obtained a disciples collection system, as long as he collected 99 disciples according to the system’s requirements, he could break through the sky and become a god! Ding, you took the Dragon God as a disciple and gained the breath of the Dragon God, you can give orders to the beasts! Ding, you took Gu Yuena as a disciple and gained the power of the seven elements! Ding, you took Tang Chen as a disciple and obtained the chaotic cloak quasi-hammer method! Ding, you took Bibi Dong as a disciple and got a girlfriend… The book is also called “Douro: My Apprentice Likes Me, What Should I Do?” “, “My Happy Life in Douluo” (Master and apprentice flow, farming flow, hot blood flow, daily flow, do not give off girls, do not like light spray.) I have finished the old book “My Teacher in Douluo is the Pope”, friends who like it can take a look first.

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  • Douluo: My apprentice is the pope
  • 斗罗之我的徒弟是教皇
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