I Have Five Big Daddy我有五个大佬爸爸

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968 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Dan Shuang De Dan

Novel Summary

The little monk picked up by the master is five years old, and it is time to go down the mountain to find his father. The little monk hugged a little wolf cub softly, rushed over with his short legs, hugged his father’s long legs and shouted in a milky voice “dad!” With a daddy, the five big bosses were shocked! When Ruan Ruan first found her father: Dad No. 1 is indifferent, “Children are the most troublesome.” Dad No. 2 disdain “Joke, I have so many fans who like me, I will care about this extra little dumpling.” Dad No. 3 carried the small dumpling, “Classmate, you recognized the wrong person, go back and do your homework.” With a cigarette in his mouth, Dad No. 4 raised his eyebrows, “Touch porcelain?” Dad No. 5 looked a little confused, “Do I have a daughter?” After spending a few days with Ruan Ruan, the fathers are really fragrant… “This is my daughter, don’t grab it from me!” From now on… The five bigwigs have lived a day of fighting for soft custody every day. Jiang Jincheng looked at the soft dumpling eagerly, “…What about me?” The five fathers all stared coldly at this stinky man who was stealing their daughter from them! “Go away!”


TitleI Have Five Big Daddy
Raw Title我有五个大佬爸爸
Addition DateNovember 15, 2022
AuthorDan Shuang De Dan
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TagsAdapted to Manga,Business Management,Child Protagonist,Complex Family Relationships,Doting Parents,Early Romance,Female Protagonist,Human Experimentation,Wealthy Characters