Rebirth Interstellar Meow Meow


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628 Chapters · 38 Readers
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Ruan Shu is not cared about, not cared about, she is the most inconspicuous existence in the family. Through an accidental time travel, she became the daughter of the Grand Marshal of the most powerful empire in the interstellar war, but she was calculated to give birth. She thought that she would still be disliked, because she seemed destined to be disliked by everyone. But gradually she realized that something was wrong? Gradually, Dad's circle of friends is full of her photos and videos, and the brothers seem to like bringing her by their side more and more. Sometimes the men even fought each other in order to rob her family! Big news from the military department: "Do you still remember Marshal Ruan, our fighting madman? Today he started posting about his daughter in Moments again!" Netizen of the All-Star Beast Race: "Hehe, if you have the ability to show off your daughter and show off your sister, let us rua if you have the ability!" Lord Marshal: "Get lost!" The most shocking thing was that His Majesty, who had never posted anything online before, posted a photo one day. He is holding a puppet kitten in his bony hands, and the accompanying text is only two words. His Majesty the Star Beast Empire: "Mine." Then the entire network was paralyzed...


  • Rebirth Interstellar Meow Meow
  • 重生星际喵喵喵
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