Urban Master of All Powers都市全异能大师

355 Chapters
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355 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Ta Ku De Xiang Bing

Novel Summary

Chen Ling is a good person, so he won the lottery. The prize is a bracelet with 108 powers. What data manipulation, time and space movement, mind reading, mind control, time suspension, soul possession, material travel... It can be called an encyclopedia about superpowers. Although he has 108 superpowers, he can only use them three times a day. It doesn't matter, anyway, Chen Ling is practicing toward the goal of unlimited daily use... That's right, this is a youthful story about a king of supernatural powers flourishing in the city. There are all kinds of abilities, flying youth, beautiful girls and omnipotent protagonists...


TitleUrban Master of All Powers
Raw Title都市全异能大师
Addition DateDecember 19, 2022
AuthorTa Ku De Xiang Bing
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All Time Rank#2538
TagsMale Protagonist