Everyone Wants to Pamper the Lucky Daughter


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1861 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Ting Lan Ting Yu

Novel Summary

1V1, female strong, group favorite, farming, business, cool text There has been no daughter in Zhen Guogong’s mansion for a hundred years. The little granddaughter who was finally looking forward to was supposed to be golden and precious, and would be honored and favored all her life. However, she was dropped by a treacherous villain when she was just born, and she lived among the people and was adopted by a kind-hearted hunter. Since adopting a little girl, the Orion family has turned on the cheating mode, birds and beasts have thrown themselves into the trap, and ginseng and ganoderma can be found everywhere. Ten years later, the Zhen Guo government finally found out the fact that the granddaughter had been dropped out, and took the little girl back to the mansion after a long journey. Back to her biological parents, the little girl has undoubtedly become a favorite of the group, from the old man to the cousins, they put her in the palm of their hand and dote on her… When she grew up, Lin Qingluo had outstanding martial arts skills and was unparalleled in style, ranking first in the Fengyue list. Going into battle with his father and brother to kill the enemy is like a divine help, sweeping away the enemy army, achieving the prestige of the God of War, and has countless admirers. ***************** The owner of Tianji Pavilion: The girl is unparalleled in beauty, and no one in the world can match her. Rufeng has admired the girl for a long time. Master of the Medicine Valley Shaogu: Miss Lin has superb medical skills, and Cang Lan is ashamed of herself. She is willing to follow her all her life, practice medical skills, and save lives. The first son of the Qi State: Thank you, miss, for saving your life, and Liu Yun is willing to promise you with her body. Lin Qingluo: Her heart has long been occupied by a clingy little prince. All she thinks and misses in her heart are all about him, and she can’t fit anyone else.


TitleEveryone Wants to Pamper the Lucky Daughter
Raw Title团宠嫡长女她福运满满
Addition DateFebruary 14, 2023
AuthorTing Lan Ting Yu
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