The Wicked Cultivation Game


1061 Chapters
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1061 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Wo Ye Hen Jue Wang

Novel Summary

A unique cultivating game was launched, and players poured into the game. Fang Yue is one of them. But soon, he found that the game was strange and extremely difficult. In the early days, a large number of players were persuaded to leave, but Fang Yue stayed and found that this game is not easy! Three months later, the strangeness came to reality, and the game data was synchronized with reality. Everyone panicked, and the players who had been dismissed suddenly returned, accompanied by players from all over the world, all flooding into “Blue Ocean”. It’s just that when they started again and were killed in a strange way, they found that the old players in the game had a different style of painting. Fang Yue: Bold and weird, you can tell at a glance that you are not human! Fang Yue: Strange, I want you to help me practice! Fang Yue: Strange, did I allow you to escape? Dawei Tianlong!


TitleThe Wicked Cultivation Game
Raw Title诡异流修仙游戏
Addition DateApril 18, 2023
AuthorWo Ye Hen Jue Wang
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TagsCheats,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Survival Game