The Vicious Stepmother and Her Baby Became Popular All Over the Internet


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615 Chapters · 20 Readers
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[1V1 Shuangjie, entertainment circle, face slapping, cute baby, sweet pet cool article + chasing wife] The almighty movie queen Ye Zhen Zhen transmigrated into the book’s cannon fodder female supporting role and vicious stepmother, her husband was rich but had a bad relationship, and her stepson was cute but ignored her. According to the plot of the original book, her cannon fodder female supporting role is about to face a miserable end… Ye Zhen Zhen thought, even though she is wearing a book, she is afraid that these paper figurines will fail! Facing the cold words of the plastic husband. She replied: How can you, a big man with a body temperature of 37 degrees, say such cold and heartless words to his wife? Facing the unreasonable troubles from the stepson’s classmate’s mother, “Ye Zhen Zhen, you have to apologize to me.” She sneered disdainfully: “I apologize to you, you kneel down and listen?” Relying on her excellent professional skills, she turned her life around in the parent-child variety show with her baby, and became popular overnight, with constant drama appointments! The stepson who didn’t know her very well and called her “auntie”: “My mother Ye Zhenzhen is the most gentle and beautiful mother in the world!” Black fan: So what if you are beautiful, you married a bad old man for money! One day, the plastic husband appeared at a charity party and introduced himself: “Hello everyone, I am Ye Zhenzhen’s husband, the rumored bad old man.” Everyone in the audience couldn’t believe it: the handsome and wealthy CEO of Media Asia Group is Ye Zhenzhen’s husband? Black fan: The slap in the face really hurts! ! !


  • The Vicious Stepmother and Her Baby Became Popular All Over the Internet
  • 恶毒后妈上娃综爆红全网
Addition DateMay 14, 2023
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