I’m Really Unnerved In Tokyo


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1104 Chapters · 18 Readers
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You said the wild dog I accidentally kicked to death was a human-faced dog? The lovely Sawada-san in my apartment, is she a woman with a gaping mouth? Those strange people that I often fix are resentful spirits? Even the apartment I rented was notoriously haunted? Please, do you think I would believe you if I rushed over in a witch costume during my working hours? I am a staunch atheist. This is a story of a former member of the pole road who traveled through Japan and worked hard to buy a house, buy a car, marry a wife and have children (Da Fog). This book implements the traditional Japanese light style, and the scenes refer to the real Japanese structure. It is not solitary, decisive and cold-blooded.


  • I’m Really Unnerved In Tokyo
  • 我在东京真没除灵
Addition DateMay 24, 2023
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TagsComedic Undertone,Ghosts,Hidden Abilities,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Modern Day,Mystery Solving,Naive Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Secret Organizations,Transmigration