On the Day the Scumbag Got Married, I Lay Flat and Became His Sister-in-law


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621 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Yi Qian Wan

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Just after retiring, Gu Xiyan was entangled by King Qin again. King Qin looked down on Gu Xiyan, but he was greedy for her body and planned to take her as a concubine. Gu Xiyan had a smile on her face, MMP in her heart. Becoming a concubine to an ex? It’s a joke, isn’t it good to make money? I don’t want the peach blossoms to bloom, the second son of Yongcheng Hou and the third son of Qi Anbo all fall in love with her. Zhou Mu, with [long legs], [buttocks] and [unbelievable appearance], was even more simple and rude, and went straight to the door to ask for marriage. * On the day Qin Wang got married, Gu Xiyan also got married in a grand manner. On this day, there were not a lot of guests in Prince Qin’s Mansion, all the dignitaries in the city went to Zhou Mansion for a wedding, and the emperor condescended to officiate the wedding ceremony for Zhou Mu and Gu Xiyan. Everyone knows that Zhou Mu is the emperor’s eldest son raised among the people. Later, Zhou Mu became the emperor, and Gu Xiyan became the queen just by lying flat. * Zhou Mu is a man of unrivaled beauty, unique in the world, attracting the hearts of all the girls in the city, but he doesn’t understand amorous feelings, what love is. Gu Xiyan, who was reborn and returned, knew that Zhou Mu was a non-marriage advocate, and never dared to have unreasonable thoughts about him. Unexpectedly, on the day when she met with the third son of Qi Anbo, the noble and self-respecting man suddenly went berserk in the street, dragged her into the carriage, and asked her to marry him with red eyes: “My girl’s reputation has been ruined by me, so she can only marry me!” [Rebirth, Overhead, Double C, Sweet Pet]


TitleOn the Day the Scumbag Got Married, I Lay Flat and Became His Sister-in-law
Raw Title渣男成亲当天,我躺平当他嫂嫂
Addition DateJuly 26, 2023
AuthorYi Qian Wan
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