The Reborn Boss Was Washed Out In the Variety Show of Going To the Countryside


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212 Chapters · 15 Readers
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[Ancient wear today] [Entertainment circle] Yan Shu, the most mysterious Dayuan female general in history. It was rumored that she had an ugly face, and she looked like a madman when she led the army to fight. Although she brought peace to Dayuan for a hundred years, she also passed away early due to the heavy killing. Yan Shu, who woke up in the female artist’s body after a thousand years, saw this history:? ? Yan Shu kept smiling, planning to be a qualified female artist first. Live reality show, go. After the black fans learned that Yan Shu was going to participate, they mobilized one after another, and the fans of other guests also exploded on the spot. Yan Shu has poor character and poor professional ability, but also likes to pull people’s blood to hype, who can bear it! Especially the fans of actor Sheng Hengyu, wish they could tear Yan Shu apart! Although her elder brother licked thousands of dogs, Yan Shu dared to call herself Sheng Hengyu’s fiancée, and repeatedly confessed her love for Sheng Yingying in public! Lively dog ​​skin plaster! After Sheng Hengyu himself learned that Yan Shu was going to participate in the same show as him, he frowned unhappily. For the first time, he personally sent a message to warn Yan Shu: Don’t let people know that we are engaged. It was only after the message was sent that he realized that Yan Shu had blocked him. Sheng Hengyu:!! The Variety Show to the Countryside started, and as soon as the live broadcast room opened, black fans began to predict the direction of the show. 【Catching a chicken? Yan Shu probably will hold his nose and jump away, hehe. 】 [Mountain climbing? Yan Shu probably needs someone to lift her up after taking two steps. 】 [There are snakes?! Yan Shu probably will push people out as meat shields. 】 … Later, things gradually became outrageous… Barrage Army: Who is this?!


  • The Reborn Boss Was Washed Out In the Variety Show of Going To the Countryside
  • 重生大佬在下乡综艺洗白了
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