Miss Witch doesn't want to be a diva


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471 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Concise introduction: Miss Witch's "warm" daily life in the age of cyberspace, and occasionally passionate epic. ———— She is a cowardly girl who grew up in the cyber city She's a weeping child wading through the muck She is a legendary star who transcends the mundane and everyone admires She's the dark diva who brings sorrow and cries to the world She's a cruel witch who can't tell false hopes She's the bloody angel who sings the last movement _____ Please enjoy the latest masterpiece "The Witch of Eternal Night" by the handicapped author Qingkong Lezhang This book is also called "Miss Witch's Part-time Job Diary" "As a color-level singer, I have to hide my identity" "If you can only drive Gundam, is that okay?" "The Dark Queen Behind the Commonwealth" "If I Sing That Final Song" "We Will Be One" Currently in the serialization of Zanzan, the 3.8 million-word boutique novel "It's Not a Witch" has been completed, everyone can watch it with confidence, don't worry about eunuchs~

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  • Miss Witch doesn't want to be a diva
  • 魔女小姐不想成为歌姬
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