Jiu Ge’s Beloved Spirit


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3400 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Yunsi, the world’s first flower from the other side of hell. Also known as – Manzhushahua. Good at ghost fire, can be called a hundred ghosts, especially good at illusion. After she met the rumored gentle and elegant son Jiu Ge in a shocking way, she fell into his gentle beauty and couldn’t extricate herself. Yun Si: “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, can I pursue you?” The young master of Guangfeng Jiyue smiled gently and shook his head politely. In the next second, Yun Si successfully took his hand. Yun Si began to push forward: “Jiu Ge and Jiu Ge, can I hug you?” The young master gently refused. In the next second, Yun Si successfully hugged her. “Jiu Ge and Jiu Ge, I want to kiss you.” The young master tapped her forehead and pondered, “Girl, please respect yourself.” The alluring Little Fairy Bianhua blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tiptoe. Easy going. then, The little goblin who did something bad was punished to copy the precepts. The goblin continued to persevere, The young master lowered his eyes and looked at the hands holding each other. He was gentle and gentle, and had a good temper. “Young lady, you must respect yourself.” “I don’t!” The little goblin clung to him, never leaving him. She always thought he had a gentle temper. Until one day, she witnessed a woman confessing to him. The woman stepped forward to get closer, The young master turned cold in an instant, and kicked her away, without the slightest gentleness, “Get lost.” The woman ran away crying. The little fairy who clings to the gentle son every day and wants to kiss and hug him:? ? ? It turns out that the young master is also very fierce? ? It turns out that the son can also be rough? ? The blatant goblin vs the young master who refuses on the surface but is infinitely gentle and pampered secretly. [Love at first sight + two-way secret love]


  • Jiu Ge’s Beloved Spirit
  • 今天女主她学废了吗
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