The Tip of the Gangster’s Heart


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1380 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Fu Sheng is a person who makes a wish instantly come true. A certain plane, The little girl forgot to bring her umbrella when she went out. She squatted down, watching the pouring rain outside, sighed and muttered, “It would be great if the rain stopped.” The voice just fell, The gloomy sky was shining brightly in an instant, and there was no cloud in the sky. system:”……!?” “What did you do?” The little girl looked blank, “I just want the rain to stop…” system:”……” There must be something wrong. The humble system trembled and began to investigate the cause. … … Another plane, The little girl was kidnapped. The five flowers were tied to the bench, unable to move. The skin was strangled red and it was particularly painful. She bowed her head and curled her lips, a little aggrieved. “These bad guys, huh, bully me, they will be struck by lightning when they go out.” Next second, The bad guy who just went out to buy food was struck by a thunder in the sky and fell to the ground instantly. The bad guys:! ! ! The little girl was immediately cleared out respectfully. … … Finally, a certain plane. The little girl looked up at the starry sky, stared at the stars in the sky, pursed her lips, and whispered, “If… he can stay with me, that’s fine.” System: “…” This is impossible, I don’t believe it. The voice just fell. The system was kicked aside. The little girl was hugged in an instant. Behind her, the man’s voice was soft, with a helpless smile. “Fool.” “I obviously have been with you.” The little girl was stunned. “One…always there?” The man curled his lips slightly, “Otherwise, who will satisfy…your wishes?” The little girl blushed and hugged him a little nervously, her lips curled slightly. “Thanks…thank you.” “You’re welcome, my…madam.”

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