To Burn On Touch一触即燃

302 Chapters
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302 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Xi Ren Tong

Novel Summary

As a gifted and beautiful youth, Chu Mian was unfortunately the unluckiest of his peers. Not only did he contract narcolepsy at the age when he should’ve been most energetic, but after entering high school, he also met Yu Ran, who was infamous throughout the school for being an astoundingly big dumbass. From then on, Chu Mian would faint from anger everyday due to his boyfriend’s ceaselessly stupefying words… and then awaken in his arms. A look at Yu Ran’s special titles: the little prince of (ruining) romantic talk, god of (weird) flirting, spreader of high(ly inappropriate) spirits, master (abuser) of idioms, expert at scoring (zero) on essays… naturally he’s also a person who has strong (Chu Mian loving) abilities.


TitleTo Burn On Touch
Raw Title一触即燃
Addition DateSeptember 28, 2022
AuthorXi Ren Tong
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