Girl, there's something wrong with you


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698 Chapters · 9 Readers
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[Introduction to the easy version] His family is poor, his parents are dead, and his beautiful fiancée broke off the engagement. Standard white text protagonist template, so my golden finger is coming, right? Unexpectedly, that night, the fiancée suddenly regretted: I won’t quit this marriage! Moreover, they have to live together and sleep together, and she will pay for all the living expenses! Okay, let's live together. Anyway, I won't suffer. After a night... Hey, is there something wrong with this fiancée? ———————— [Introduction to the serious version] Demons are ravaging the Chinese continent, and humans are retreating to giant technological cities to survive. The world is in danger. People from the north are crossing to the south, and there are many differences; noble families and royal families are fighting endlessly; common people from poor families cannot bear to be attacked; and the young commander of the refugees is watching with eager eyes, waiting for the right time to rise up and completely tear this hard-won order to pieces. To describe it in two words, this human world is unbearable and pill-like. Cheng Jinyang, a sickly young man who traveled through time, set two small goals for himself: 1. Exercise and recover as soon as possible. 2. Become stronger! ———————— The author has already completed the 2.1 million-word masterpiece "The Sword of Cang Qing". Happy End's character is guaranteed to be trustworthy even if it is not a prisoner, not a bad one, not a literary figure! (This work has been adapted into comics, just search "Girl, there's something wrong with you" on Tencent Animation)


  • Girl, there's something wrong with you
  • 姑娘你不对劲啊
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