Rebirth 70: The Fat Wife is Turning Over重生七零:肥妻要翻身

1244 Chapters
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1244 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Li Bao Zhu

Novel Summary

What should I do if I cross the body of a black, ugly and fat unruly village woman? What should I do when I travel to a time when it is “hard for a strong man”? If I win the lottery once and become a mother immediately, what should I do? …… Thinking about the memory of the original owner, the twin babies in the future are really cute and pitiful, and the child’s father is also handsome… Then she’ll barely accept it! As for the black fat ugly, it doesn’t matter, just grab the golden finger that was cheated by my sister!


TitleRebirth 70: The Fat Wife is Turning Over
Raw Title重生七零:肥妻要翻身
AuthorLi Bao Zhu
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Monthly Rank#556
All Time Rank#627
TagsArranged Marriage,Complex Family Relationships,Cute Children,Farming,Fat Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Netorare,Pregnancy,Strong Love Interests,Twins,Ugly Protagonist,Ugly to Beautiful,Female Protagonist