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Male Protagonist (2973)System (1254)Transmigration (1201)Handsome Male Lead (1145)Beautiful Female Lead (959)Female Protagonist (922)Weak to Strong (873)Harem-seeking Protagonist (738)Cultivation (727)Modern Day (580)Game Elements (570)Calm Protagonist (561)Fanfiction (553)Clever Protagonist (551)Overpowered Protagonist (537)Cheats (528)Poor to Rich (441)Business Management (407)Ruthless Protagonist (398)Nationalism (380)Cunning Protagonist (376)Protagonist Strong from the Start (373)Hard-Working Protagonist (370)Schemes And Conspiracies (351)Genius Protagonist (346)Fast Cultivation (340)Polygamy (337)Romantic Subplot (336)Arrogant Characters (335)Magic (330)Game Ranking System (311)Kingdom Building (307)Racism (304)Early Romance (287)Wealthy Characters (281)Reincarnation (280)Strong to Stronger (279)Army Building (272)Pregnancy (269)Love Interest Falls in Love First (257)Second Chance (257)Beast Companions (254)Alchemy (251)Magical Space (251)Demons (249)Devoted Love Interests (249)Time Travel (249)Multiple Realms (241)World Hopping (240)World Travel (236)Monsters (232)Special Abilities (232)Arranged Marriage (230)Evil Gods (227)Shameless Protagonist (227)Comedic Undertone (226)Revenge (226)Pets (225)Complex Family Relationships (220)Level System (217)Slow Romance (216)Dragons (211)Loyal Subordinates (209)Determined Protagonist (206)Hiding True Identity (206)Strong Love Interests (205)Time Skip (203)Hiding True Abilities (199)Politics (196)Misunderstandings (193)Showbiz (191)Cosmic Wars (189)Bloodlines (187)Doting Love Interests (185)Fantasy World (184)Adapted to Manhua (183)Businessmen (183)Apocalypse (182)Betrayal (181)Cold Protagonist (178)Military (176)Naive Protagonist (176)Lucky Protagonist (173)Medical Knowledge (173)Sword Wielder (173)Naruto (173)Ancient China (172)Godly Powers (171)Beasts (169)Farming (169)Immortals (169)Underestimated Protagonist (168)Celebrities (163)Body Tempering (162)Power Couple (162)Academy (162)One Piece (162)Hidden Abilities (161)Artifacts (160)Fast Learner (159)Reincarnated in Another World (158)Nobles (157)Childcare (155)Late Romance (155)God Protagonist (152)Zombies (149)Marvel (147)Black Belly (146)Famous Protagonist (146)Antihero Protagonist (145)Evolution (143)Technological Gap (143)Modern Knowledge (142)Virtual Reality (139)Alternate World (138)Outer Space (138)Rape (138)Artificial Intelligence (137)Cautious Protagonist (137)Interdimensional Travel (136)Possessive Characters (136)Older Love Interests (134)Unique Cultivation Technique (134)Elves (133)Low-key Protagonist (133)Fantasy Creatures (132)Royalty (131)Multiple POV (129)Doctors (128)Wizards (128)Cold Love Interests (127)Transported to Another World (126)Familial Love (125)Multiple Identities (124)Confident Protagonist (123)Parallel Worlds (122)Cooking (121)Previous Life Talent (121)Slow Growth at Start (121)Ancient Times (118)Ghosts (118)Futuristic Setting (117)Mature Protagonist (115)Acting (115)Aliens (112)Money Grubber (112)Sword And Magic (112)Evil Protagonist (111)Eye Powers (111)Kingdoms (110)Pill Concocting (109)Character Growth (108)Ability Steal (108)Mythical Beasts (107)Strength-based Social Hierarchy (107)Absent Parents (105)Artifact Crafting (103)Gamers (103)Gate to Another World (103)Mysterious Past (103)Assassins (100)Accelerated Growth (100)Firearms (99)Charismatic Protagonist (97)Scientists (97)Doting Parents (95)Past Plays a Big Role (95)Charming Protagonist (92)Friendship (92)Secret Organizations (92)Doting Older Siblings (91)Mysterious Family Background (91)Army (90)Sex Slaves (90)Harry Potter (90)Caring Protagonist (89)Discrimination (88)Magic Beasts (88)Elemental Magic (87)Master-Disciple Relationship (87)Cruel Characters (86)Male Yandere (86)Monster Tamer (86)Survival (86)Threesome (86)Tragic Past (86)Depictions of Cruelty (85)Magic Formations (85)Movies (85)Younger Sisters (85)Douluo Dalu (84)Jack of All Trades (83)Secret Identity (82)Age Progression (81)Perverted Protagonist (81)First-time Intercourse (80)Battle Competition (79)Vampires (78)Family Conflict (77)Post-apocalyptic (77)Smart Couple (77)Sudden Wealth (77)Adventurers (76)Dense Protagonist (76)Hackers (75)Rape Victim Becomes Lover (75)Lack of Common Sense (74)Orphans (74)Death of Loved Ones (72)Genetic Modifications (72)Multiple Reincarnated Individuals (72)Appearance Changes (71)Dao Comprehension (71)Wars (71)Imperial Harem (70)Leadership (70)Apathetic Protagonist (69)Sudden Strength Gain (69)Knights (68)Abusive Characters (67)Cute Children (66)Evil Organizations (66)Evil Religions (66)R-18 (66)Survival Game (65)Aristocracy (64)College/University (64)Cute Protagonist (64)Non-humanoid Protagonist (64)Enemies Become Lovers (63)Gods (63)Industrialization (63)Sect Development (63)Appearance Different from Actual Age (62)Lazy Protagonist (62)Manipulative Characters (62)Martial Spirits (62)Eidetic Memory (61)MMORPG (61)Netori (61)Soul Power (61)Heavenly Tribulation (60)Magical Technology (60)Pirates (59)Sharp-tongued Characters (58)Battle Academy (57)Dark (57)Mythology (57)Mystery Solving (57)Carefree Protagonist (56)Fellatio (56)Reverse Rape (56)Broken Engagement (55)Human-Nonhuman Relationship (55)Average-looking Protagonist (54)Dwarfs (54)Student-Teacher Relationship (54)Inheritance (53)Detectives (52)Family Business (52)Heartwarming (52)Obsessive Love (52)Phoenixes (52)Sexual Cultivation Technique (52)Emotionally Weak Protagonist (51)Enemies Become Allies (51)Poor Protagonist (51)Summoning Magic (51)Human Experimentation (50)Mercenaries (50)Pokemon (50)Buddhism (49)Demonic Cultivation Technique (49)European Ambience (49)Skill Assimilation (49)Aggressive Characters (48)Child Protagonist (48)Mind Control (48)Spatial Manipulation (48)Adopted Protagonist (47)Amnesia (47)Clingy Lover (47)Gore (47)Mutated Creatures (47)Souls (47)Abandoned Children (47)Empires (46)Strategic Battles (46)Transported into a Game World (46)Tsundere (46)Writers (46)Proactive Protagonist (45)Clones (44)Demon Lord (44)Master-Servant Relationship (44)Chat Rooms (43)Clan Building (43)Fated Lovers (43)Heroes (43)Hot-blooded Protagonist (43)Teachers (43)Time Manipulation (43)Villainess Noble Girls (43)Card Games (42)Childhood Friends (42)Daoism (42)Economics (42)Police (42)Cross-dressing (41)Gangs (41)Incest (41)Ninjas (41)Store Owner (41)Adapted to Manga (40)Boss-Subordinate Relationship (40)Mutations (40)Strategist (40)Angels (39)Couple Growth (39)Death (39)Easy Going Life (39)Long Separations (39)Narcissistic Protagonist (39)Reincarnated as a Monster (39)Selfish Protagonist (39)Necromancer (38)Poisons (38)Sexual Abuse (38)Transformation Ability (38)Twins (38)Age Regression (37)Hunters (37)Multiple Transported Individuals (37)Personality Changes (37)Domestic Affairs (36)Parody (36)Protagonist with Multiple Bodies (36)Resurrection (36)Righteous Protagonist (36)Adopted Children (35)Archery (35)Generals (35)Guilds (35)Harsh Training (35)Music (35)Pragmatic Protagonist (35)Siblings Not Related by Blood (35)Transplanted Memories (35)Blacksmith (34)Organized Crime (34)Singers (34)Skill Creation (34)Adultery (33)Fox Spirits (33)Pill Based Cultivation (33)Quirky Characters (33)Ugly to Beautiful (33)Beastkin (32)Goddesses (32)Loner Protagonist (32)Gunfighters (31)Orcs (31)Playboys (31)Power Struggle (31)Jealousy (30)Marriage (30)Sister Complex (30)Teamwork (30)Based on a Movie (29)Destiny (29)Persistent Love Interests (29)Brotherhood (28)Humanoid Protagonist (28)Medieval (28)Popular Love Interests (28)Protagonist Falls in Love First (28)Witches (28)Books (27)Dolls/Puppets (27)Family (27)Psychic Powers (27)Adapted to Anime (27)Brother Complex (26)Cowardly Protagonist (26)Earth Invasion (26)Maids (26)Marriage of Convenience (26)Multiple Timelines (26)Otaku (26)Race Change (26)Spirit Advisor (26)Crime (25)Male to Female (25)Androgynous Characters (24)Biochip (24)Cannibalism (24)Childhood Love (24)Episodic (24)Playful Protagonist (24)Anti-social Protagonist (23)Demi-Humans (23)Forced Marriage (23)Psychopaths (23)Bullying (22)Chefs (22)Contracts (22)Dungeons (22)Fairies (22)God-human Relationship (22)Insects (22)Near-Death Experience (22)Soldiers (22)Younger Love Interests (22)Adapted to Drama (21)Bickering Couple (21)Crossover (21)e-Sports (21)First Love (21)Loli (21)Netorare (21)Secrets (21)Servants (21)Stubborn Protagonist (21)Tribal Society (21)Child Abuse (20)Dao Companion (20)Dreams (20)Honest Protagonist (20)Inscriptions (20)Past Trauma (20)Secretive Protagonist (20)Bodyguards (19)Corruption (19)Crafting (19)Divination (19)Familiars (19)Famous Parents (19)Herbalist (19)Reincarnated in a Game World (19)Spear Wielder (19)Torture (19)Murders (19)Conditional Power (18)Different Social Status (18)Fearless Protagonist (18)Female Master (18)Lost Civilizations (18)Merchants (18)Multiple Protagonists (18)Prophecies (18)Skill Books (18)Unconditional Love (18)Unlimited Flow (18)Fat to Fit (18)Blackmail (17)Cute Story (17)Investigations (17)Mpreg (17)Slaves (17)Thieves (17)Unlucky Protagonist (17)Werebeasts (17)Adapted to Game (16)Animal Characteristics (16)Animal Rearing (16)Artists (16)Disabilities (16)Divorce (16)Religions (16)Returning from Another World (16)Reverse Harem (16)Saints (16)World Tree (16)Androids (15)Blood Manipulation (15)Curses (15)Engineer (15)Exorcism (15)Hated Protagonist (15)Hell (15)Masochistic Characters (15)Multiple Personalities (15)Possession (15)Prison (15)Prostitutes (15)R-15 (15)Thriller (15)Anal (14)Brainwashing (14)Drugs (14)Kind Love Interests (14)Love at First Sight (14)Manly Gay Couple (14)Sealed Power (14)Seme Protagonist (14)Sentient Objects (14)Seven Deadly Sins (14)Shoujo-Ai Subplot (14)Single Parent (14)Slave Harem (14)Succubus (14)Criminals (14)Enlightenment (13)Fleet Battles (13)Healers (13)Grinding (12)Handjob (12)Kidnappings (12)Lottery (12)Models (12)Overprotective Siblings (12)Philosophical (12)Slave Protagonist (12)Younger Brothers (12)Dragon Riders (11)Dragon Slayers (11)Druids (11)Fallen Angels (11)Feng Shui (11)Goblins (11)Legends (11)Mob Protagonist (11)Sadistic Characters (11)Saving the World (11)Seeing Things Other Humans Can't (11)Sickly Characters (11)Twisted Personality (11)Unique Weapon User (11)Unreliable Narrator (11)Weak Protagonist (11)Childish Protagonist (10)Fallen Nobility (10)Forced into a Relationship (10)Heaven (10)Hospital (10)Living Alone (10)Love Rivals (10)Masturbation (10)Monster Girls (10)Office Romance (10)Pharmacist (10)Puppeteers (10)Shounen-Ai Subplot (10)Spirits (10)Stoic Characters (10)Tomboyish Female Lead (10)Trickster (10)Unique Weapons (10)Chuunibyou (9)Fanaticism (9)Gambling (9)Human Weapon (9)Hypnotism (9)Lovers Reunited (9)Orgy (9)Poetry (9)Serial Killers (9)Suicides (9)Summoned Hero (9)Bleach (9)Arms Dealers (8)Based on a TV Show (8)Cohabitation (8)Court Official (8)Fat Protagonist (8)Flashbacks (8)Half-human Protagonist (8)Management (8)Online Romance (8)Parasites (8)Pilots (8)Programmer (8)Restaurant (8)Shapeshifters (8)Sibling's Care (8)Awkward Protagonist (7)Blind Protagonist (7)Body Swap (7)Childhood Promise (7)Distrustful Protagonist (7)Helpful Protagonist (7)Inferiority Complex (7)Limited Lifespan (7)Parent Complex (7)Shy Characters (7)Stockholm Syndrome (7)Trap (7)Unrequited Love (7)Sentimental Protagonist (7)Adapted to Drama CD (6)Affair (6)Autism (6)Bestiality (6)Clumsy Love Interests (6)Coming of Age (6)Cousins (6)Depression (6)Dishonest Protagonist (6)Eunuch (6)Genderless Protagonist (6)Genies (6)Lawyers (6)Library (6)Love Triangles (6)Mind Break (6)Omegaverse (6)Polyandry (6)Priests (6)Rebellion (6)Sibling Rivalry (6)Spirit Users (6)Ugly Protagonist (6)Wishes (6)Yu-Gi-Oh! (6)Amusement Park (5)Antique Shop (5)Automatons (5)BDSM (5)Bookworm (5)Dead Protagonist (5)Elderly Protagonist (5)Kuudere (5)Matriarchy (5)Mysterious Illness (5)Nightmares (5)Nurses (5)Polite Protagonist (5)Sculptors (5)Secret Relationship (5)Seduction (5)Spies (5)Terrorists (5)Time Paradox (5)Adapted to Manhwa (4)Adapted to Movie (4)Apartment Life (4)Clubs (4)Co-Workers (4)Cunnilingus (4)Curious Protagonist (4)Disfigurement (4)Forced Living Arrangements (4)Forgetful Protagonist (4)Former Hero (4)Friends Become Enemies (4)Identity Crisis (4)Introverted Protagonist (4)Language Barrier (4)Long-distance Relationship (4)Magical Girls (4)Monster Society (4)Paizuri (4)Part-Time Job (4)Quiet Characters (4)Selfless Protagonist (4)Tentacles (4)Terminal Illness (4)Time Loop (4)Transported Modern Structure (4)Voice Actors (4)Astrologers (3)Based on a Video Game (3)Dungeon Master (3)Engagement (3)Interconnected Storylines (3)Loneliness (3)Neet (3)Pretend Lovers (3)Reversible Couple (3)Rich to Poor (3)Rivalry (3)Stalkers (3)Timid Protagonist (3)Yandere (3)Based on an Anime (2)Coma (2)Dancers (2)Delusions (2)Dystopia (2)Futanari (2)Galge (2)Golems (2)Guardian Relationship (2)Incubus (2)Mismatched Couple (2)Mute Character (2)Nudity (2)Photography (2)Priestesses (2)Schizophrenia (2)Secret Crush (2)Seven Virtues (2)Sharing A Body (2)Sign Language (2)War Records (2)Reporters (2)Anti-Magic (1)Award-winning Work (1)Blind Dates (1)Collection of Short Stories (1)Confinement (1)Conflicting Loyalties (1)Cryostasis (1)Debts (1)Delinquents (1)Divine Protection (1)Female to Male (1)Folklore (1)Fujoshi (1)Glasses-wearing Love Interests (1)Glasses-wearing Protagonist (1)Heterochromia (1)Mangaka (1)Misandry (1)Non-linear Storytelling (1)Outdoor Intercourse (1)Reincarnated as an Object (1)Roommates (1)Sex Friends (1)Shota (1)Social Outcasts (1)Straight Uke (1)Student Council (1)Bands (1)Adapted to Visual Novel All-Girls School Based on a Song Based on a Visual Novel Bisexual Protagonist Body-double Breast Fetish Butlers Classic Cosplay Editors Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Exhibitionism Gladiators Grave Keepers Hikikomori Homunculus Imaginary Friend Indecisive Protagonist Invisibility Jiangshi Jobless Class JSDF Living Abroad Netorase Oneshot Onmyouji Otome Game Outcasts Pacifist Protagonist Phobias Precognition Reluctant Protagonist Salaryman Samurai Shield User Shikigami Short Story Siblings Sleeping Straight Seme Toys Valkyries Vocaloid Voyeurism Waiters Adapted from Manga Adapted from Manhua Youkai Dragon Ball